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20 Benefits of Joining Sainik School

20 Benefits of Joining Sainik School

The concept of Sainik Schools was conceptualised in the mind of V K Krishna Menon, the then Union defence minister of India. At that time, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Menon felt the need to open officer cadre of Armed forces to the common man from myriad backgrounds to remove the monopoly of the so-called martial races. They realised the need for infrastructural facilities to provide a high level of education and character development on public school lines. Therefore, schools with the sole purpose of providing public school education with a military bias were started in the country. The intake initially was mainly from rural areas so that the regional imbalance in the officer cadre of defence services could be removed. The main motive of these schools includes bringing quality Public School education within the reach of common man, all-round development of a child’s personality in order to prepare him for entry into National Defence Academy and to remove regional imbalance in the officer’s cadre of the Armed Forces.

20 Benefits of Joining Sainik School

The scheme to establish Sainik Schools originated in order to serve as an ideal residential educational institution for the deserving intelligent sections of the boys, hailing from the myriad backgrounds.  Moreover, the high levels of physical, mental and intellectual attainments needed for induction into the Officer Cadre of the Defence Services could not be nurtured in the common schools, mainly because of the lack of infrastructure facilities. The training imparted in Sainik Schools influences the students in shaping their social attitudes and meaningful approach to life in general in order to emerge as responsible citizens of India and leaders in different walks of life.

The Sainik Schools were established with the well-defined aims and objectives and having a very sound organizational structure which flowed right from the Ministry of Defence at the apex level and Local Board of Administration at the ground level where these schools are situated. The significance of Sainik Schools can be attributed to the fact that none other than the Raksha Mantri himself acts as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Sainik Schools. To consolidate and streamline the smooth functioning and operations of Sainik Schools, they have been provided with three Service Officers for the posts of Principal, Head Master and Registrar as well as APTCC/NCC instructors in addition to the requisite skilled staff. These schools are designed in a well spread out land and have sophisticated facilities for imparting education and other skills in making their cadets an able officer of Armed Forces in future.

Benefits of Joining Sainik School:

  • These schools offer a vast array of opportunities to channelize the energies of cadets for constructive purposes. A wide spectrum of co and extra-curricular activities ensures their multitudinous personality development.
  • These Schools have been rendering yeoman services to the nation for more than six decades by imparting balanced and quality education to the cadets hailing from all strata of society. It has been fulfilling its basic objective by producing more than 15000 officers for the Indian armed forces through the National Defence Academy.
  • A sizeable number of its alumni has made their mark in other respectable professions too.  These schools have earned for itself the enviable distinction of being a torchbearer for quality education in the country. The product of these schools is not a mere book worm but a real-life wizard who applies his knowledge in practical situations.
  • The school not only maintain high educational standards but also provides the cadets with a well-rounded education that prepares them to face the challenges of life.
  • If leadership is the ability to take decisions and to find solutions for the larger good, a Sainikian imbibes it on the sports field, and through positions of responsibility provided in school. Sainik Schools aims not just to nurture the student through his formative years, but also to place him on a path of life-long learning, always with roots firmly entrenched in the soil.
  • These schools make conscious efforts to ignite minds and to create in the students a love of learning and continuous development by making the learning process an enjoyable experience.
  • In this process, the students develop high self-esteem and are equipped with life skills that will place him first among the equals. These schools provide an exemplary and enviable residential and extracurricular programme that empower the students to be contributing citizens in India and the international community.
  • These Schools provides public school education to the children and the pattern of this School has been moulded scrupulously in such a way that the cadets studying herein acquire a deep sense of justice, unshaken faith in secularism, an acute concern for our surroundings, an abiding belief in honesty -integrity, Confidence leading to self-dependence, accommodating nature, high esteem, have a broad world-view, can think out-of-the-box, and an incessant longing for maintaining sound mind in the sound body which would ultimately make them successful in any walks of life.
  • Self-correction is a feature that is inculcated in the cadets here. Hence Sainik School is not just a school; it is a way of life. Teachers closely interact with students and get more time to identify the talent in a particular student.
  • These schools believe in the qualitative assessment of the students having a mentor system where a group of students have a mentor. These mentors too give an independent report on the students and then depending upon reports from various quarters, it is decided what talents need to be nurtured in the students. Schools also conduct regular career orientation and on the basis of aptitude test mentors help the student to set their goals.
  • Sainik Schools prepare youngsters to face life in totality. They develop tolerance, comradeship, a sense of team spirit and co-existence which are so relevant today. They are humble in victory and graceful in defeat.
  • The bonds of friendship forged here become pillars of strength in later life. They get on with all sorts of people, win their confidence and lead them in various spheres.
  • As the country is passing through a critical juncture, we need youth who are physically fit, mentally robust and socially acceptable. Sainik Schools ensure the harmonious development of cadets’ physical, intellectual, emotional traits and aesthetic sensibilities to shape them as integrated personalities.
  • These schools expose the cadets to a variety of adventurous activities to imbibe in them dynamic traits like courage, confidence, stamina and tenacity. They inculcate personal qualities like self-discipline, secular outlook, the dignity of labour and integrity.
  • The Sainik Schools provide holistic education to students encompassing different spheres of learning that helps them nurture the leader within.
  • Sainik Schools specialize in a boarding environment and have done so consistently and without wavering from this core characteristic since their foundation. The full boarding environment encourages a strong sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained – and be sustaining – in life & beyond the School.
  • Know what success looks like and sees it clearly in your mind, goes an adage. Students at Sainik Schools have their goal etched out at the entrance to the institute. the inspiration has helped many students.
  • These schools have excelled in their primary role as a feeder institution to the Armed Forces besides it a large number of alumni are IAS, IPS officers, Doctors and Engineers serving not only in the country but abroad also.
  • The galaxy of alumni who have earned accolades in various fields for their rare achievements stand testimony to the laudable training being imparted in the institution which has scripted a new chapter in the chequered history of the Sainik Schools.

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