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Army, Navy, Air Force Employees to Donate 500 Crore to PM’s COVID-19 Relief Fund

Army, Navy, and Air Force Employees, as well as employees of the defence ministry, have decided to donate their one day salary to COVID-19 Relief Fund.  The total amount will be around Rs 500 crore. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced this Relief Fund to help & fight the coronavirus outbreak in the country. The employees’ contribution is voluntary and those desirous of opting out will be exempted.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has approved the proposal for the contribution of one day’s salary by employees of the ministry to the Fund.

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In addition to that, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has also announced to donate his one month’s salary to the fund. Defence Minister Rajnatha Singh has also asked the people of India to contribute to this fund. A small help by every countryman will strengthen government to fight against the menace of COVID-19.

On Saturday, PM Modi announced setting up of the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES) to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of Celebrities, Union ministers, Private Entities, Industrialists and government organisations have responded to the prime minister’s announcement. As a result, many of them have come forward and contributed to the fund.

“It is estimated that the Defence Ministry will provide around Rs 500 crore collectively to the PM-CARES Fund from various wings, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Defence PSUs and others.” 

Army, Navy, Air Force Employees to Donate 500 Crore to PM's COVID-19 Relief Fund

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