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How To Prepare For Air Force Group “X” & “Y” At Home

In view of the outbreak of Coronavirus, various government advisories and Section 144 at many places, Indian Air Force Group “X” & “Y” (STAR-01/2020) exam scheduled from 19-23 March 2020 is POSTPONED to the last week of April 2020, tentatively. We know there’s a lot of uncertainty with the coronavirus pandemic, but students don’t get disappointed by the postponing of this exam as take this as an opportunity that you all have got more time to prepare for your Air Force Group “X” & “Y” exam at home. As all the students must have completed their coaching classes and completed the course also. Therefore, don’t be panic about anything and keep your preparations in the same way.

With all of the closures and social distancing measures, we know that it’s not an easy time for the defence aspirants. But, it’s also a time in which digital communication is more important than ever in order to prepare for the defence exams.

If you are preparing for the defence exams, you can do that right from your home too. Rashtra Defence Academy urges all the defence aspirants to maintain social isolation until the situation of COVID-19 is under control in India. All the defence aspirants can prepare for the defence exams at home and get success too. 

If you are preparing for the upcoming defence written exams from home, be it for Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy, you have many options to prepare on your own by keeping yourself in Social Distancing.


Ways to prepare for Air Force Group “X” & “Y” Exams at Home:

Aspirants may follow the below-given instructions to prepare for Air Force Group “X” & “Y” Exams at Home:

  • Make a detailed plan to revise the complete syllabus covered during coaching.
  • Manage the remaining time for preparations and revision of the subjects. Keep a track of what you’ve revised instead of repeating the same topics. 
  • Create a balanced study plan schedule so that you will be able to study all the subjects. Don’t mix up all the subjects at once. For this, make a time table of all the tasks you have to do.
  • Identify the difficult topics and give more time to revise them.
  • Prepare a compact and to the point notes for the important topics which you can use to brush off for the Exam.
  • Make a WhatsApp group of your friends, and discuss the doubts and problems.
  • Make a WhatsApp of your classmates with subject teachers to discuss about your doubts.
  • Purchase some online test series and practice it on a daily basis and check your speed and accuracy to solve the paper.
  • Practicing online test series will help you to identify your week areas.
  • Be in touch with your coaching management and teachers for personal doubts and problems.
  • Purchase previous years’ papers online and solve them for better results.
  • If still, you need some guidance on any subject you may purchase some online courses also.
  • It becomes quite important to maintain a healthy lifestyle even if you’re left with ample or less time for exams. Start with good breakfast, healthy lunch & a light dinner as it will keep your mind alert and active the whole day long. Try to stay away from highly-processed food like sugary drinks, fatty junk food.

We understand the emotions of the defence aspirants and we care for the health of our future warriors. Stay home Stay safe !!

Good Luck!

Team Rashtra Defence Academy

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