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Sainik School Coaching-Importance & Benefits

Sainik School Coaching

This is a very big question in the minds of parents who are looking to get their kids to join residential schools like Sainik School, Military School, Rashtriya Indian Military College and Navodaya Vidyalaya that, should their kids join any coaching Institute to prepare for these entrance exams of these residential schools? Through this article, we will explain that what is the importance and benefit of Sainik School coaching?

Nowadays, enrolling students in coaching has become a very common practice; given the fact that coaching provides a boost to the students’ knowledge, understanding, and information, in addition to what they learn at school. Initially, coaching emerged as a coping mechanism for students who were falling behind in their performance related to the normal curriculum. However, the outlook on coaching has changed completely owing to the fact that nowadays, coaching comes with a set of special advantages.

The purpose of entrance exams is to filter students with the right aptitude for these schools. Therefore simply mugging up the study material may not prove to be useful; it’s important to have a strategy in place. Thus a well-charted plan is the need of the day, and this brings us to one of the important advantages of enrolling to a coaching class – guidance.

Importance of Sainik School Coaching:

  • Coaching does not end with just teaching all that is present in the syllabus; it also provides students with relevant exam-oriented suggestions, notes, and pinpoints the students’ weaknesses.
  • Moreover, coaching guides and orients the students in the right direction and makes sure that they do not get misled.
  • Coaching provides students with more individual time with an expert, and thus enriches their educational experience.
  • Coaching does not force students to learn under pressure and provides a planned way of studying, along with quick tips and smart-study advice.
  • Coaching classes can play a supportive role. They guide and orient the students in the right direction by familiarising them with the range of content they must cover for the exams; help them develop their skills and abilities by providing essential study material; through mock tests with model papers; and assessments of tests.
  • Most of the schools follow the board guidelines and therefore don’t focus much on the subjects like General Awareness, Current affairs, mental ability, which are the main subjects to crack these exams. Coaching institutes give importance to these subjects along with their general subjects like Maths, English, SST etc.
  • The faculties at this coaching center are highly experienced for years. Not only would they be able to give you more information about your study material, but they can also give you tips to study and tips to memorize important parts. This would later help the student while learning any subject for that matter. It would also help the student to understand which would give an improved result.
  • Students get good study resources in the coaching. They get to learn and practice from these resources that would help them to perform better.

Who should join Coaching?

Currently, there are 33 Sainik Schools in India and every school has limited seats for admission. Along with the limitation in seats, there are some reservation categories like defence, cast wise categories, seats reserved for the state in which school is located and also reserved for other states. All these criteria make the level of this exam very difficult for a student. Also, at this age kids don’t have much exposure to face such competitive exams. 

  • Students who are average or below average need special guidance to crack Sainik School Entrance Exam.
  • Students get either one or two attempts for Sainik School Entrance Exam, so those students who have left with only last attempt may join a Sainik School coaching institute for better guidance.
  •  If both the parents are working and could not get much time to assist their kid to prepare for the exam.
  • If the parents are not well qualified, resides in rural areas may take the help of a good coaching institute to prepare their kids for Sainik School Entrance Exam.

The entrance exam of Sainik School is conducted in the month of January every year. Those students who are going to appear in this exam get only limited time to prepare i.e. 7-8 months, which is a very less time period for a kid to get prepared on his own. Coaching institute helps students to identify their strength and weakness, also improves their level accordingly.

For any query related to admission in Sainik School or preparation for its entrance exam, please feel free to call us on 8448446620.

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