Rashtra Defence Academy

Why Some GC’s Wear Camouflage Uniform During Passing Out Parade?

If you have looked closing while POP every officer is in his Regimental Uniform some are black and some are green. Therefore, as you already know PARA SF wear CLASSIC CAMO GREEN because it represents their regimental choice of arm, and mind that they are not in parachute regiment yet, they still have to go under probation then only they’ll be in SF or else they would be transferred to their respective parental regiments. The officers who opt for Para Regiment wear Camo during passing out parade and not the Olive Green.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Those who get commissioned in the Para Regiment are not actually commissioned into the Para Regiment. They are commissioned but on probation and no regiment or arm is allotted to them.
  2. If they don’t qualify in probation then they fall in the other choice mentioned by them.
  3. It is an honour to wear ceremonial in Para only when you clear probation and become part of para.
  4. It also makes the newly commissioned to learn that they are stepping in a life which is full of sacrifice with the first sacrifice of giving up wearing olive green ceremonials in the oath-taking ceremony.

Therefore, wearing combat is a kind of privilege or you can say privilege not given.

This is the reason that life in the Indian Army is Life extraordinary! Full of culture, traditions, and belief in the nation. Every single act makes you a better soldier, a better citizen, and a better leader.

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