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Some Important Questions asked in SSB interview

The interview is a very important part of your SSB. The Questions asked in the SSB interview are rather simple and easy. The main reason for these questions is to get to know in deep about the candidate and his thinking. Every candidate answers the questions differently according to his/her perception. The Interviewing Officer asks questions to test whether the candidate is suitable enough for the defence or not. IO has different ways of testing whether the person is fit enough for being an officer or not and some questions he asks are all at a go and they confuse the candidates and they generally go with the flow and answer something which dismisses their chances of selection.

Some of the most common questions asked in an SSB Interview are given below:

  • Were you mischievous during our school days? Tell me about some mischief’s you’ve done during your school days.
  • Tell us about your good & bad qualities, what would you do to overcome those qualities?
  • Tell me about you as a person in the shortest way possible.
  • Whom do you love more, your mother or your father?
  • Tell me about things you’ve learned from your parents.
  • When it comes to helping your family be it in household work or in business, how do you help your family members?
  • When you were in school or college, how did you manage your time for studies, sports, and other extra-curricular activities?
  • Did you ever fail in school examinations? Have you ever been a victim of failure in exams? If so, then why?
  • Every student has a favorite subject and the most hated subject. What was your favorite subject and your most hated subject and why?
  • What are your achievements in sports or other outdoor activities?
  • Given a  chance to play which would you prefer and why? Indoor Sports or Outdoor Sports!
  • Which is your favorite sport? Why did you choose this specific sport over all other sports?
  • In your college time did you join the NSS or NCC? If yes, then tell us about the activities you performed in NSS or NCC.
  • Were you ever so involved in extra-curricular activities that you had to compromise your studies for them? If not, how did you manage your time between studies and extra-curricular activities?
  • Tell me about your most favorite experience of participating in any extra-curricular activity.
  • Where are you from? Tell me about the social, economic and educational importance of your city/district.
  • What changes would you make for the betterment of the people living in your district if you were given a chance to become the head?
  • How will you compare your city/district with other developed cities of India and the world?
  • Tell me some famous things, places, cuisines which comes from your place of residence.
  • Joining the Indian armed forces takes a lot of courage and discipline, what is the reason for you to join the Indian armed force?
  • What you’ll do, if you get rejected this time?
  • Whom do you look up to as your inspiration to join the Indian armed forces?
  • The other government and private jobs are easier and safer, why would you want a job in the armed forces which is a much more dangerous job?
  • If you were given a chance to join a job with a much higher salary than the armed forces would offer, would you accept the offer and why?
  • What makes you stand out when compared to the other candidate?

It is very important for you to answer these questions clearly and confidently because this is something you can not prepare from a book or school, these are personal questions and one who knows himself in and out can answer them easily. Answer everything frankly. 

The best way to prepare for an interview is to question yourself and cross-question yourself again and again. Write down your responses as a flowchart and make sure your answers match with your responses in Psych tests.

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