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101 Most Important Vocabulary Words for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Navy & Air Force Exams

101 Most Important Vocabulary

Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. In the recently concluded Defence Exams, we witnessed that a major part of the exam was based on vocabulary. Many questions were vocab-based and we can expect the same in the upcoming exams. It becomes very important to learn an ample amount of words for the upcoming Defence Entrance Exams. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list. Here we have prepared a list of 101 most important vocabulary words for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Navy & Air Force exams. These all words are selected on the basis of their repetitive nature in various exams.

Antonyms & Synonyms are the pillar to score good marks in English exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS, Air force X/Y, Navy AA/SSR. These vocab words vary from easy to advance level. A good Vocabulary for speaking effective English in the interview or for scoring good marks in English paper of CDS, can be built easily if its meaning is explained in a very simple and interesting language along with its Hindi meaning.

Other Various Ways to Improve Vocabulary Section:

Students must note that vocabulary is not something that can be mastered overnight. It takes practice and dedication; it is a skill to be developed. Words are the building blocks of a language and an important determinant of a person’s education and profession. Most people that are said to have an excellent vocabulary have read and practiced for years before they were completely adept at it. That said, for competitive exams, especially Air Force X/Y, Air Force Common Admission Test, CDS, NDA there are certain formulae or practices that can be learned to improve and score better in the vocabulary section.


  • To enhance your vocabulary for Air Force X/Y, AFCAT, CDS and NDA exam, start by reading.
  • One need not always be an keen reader to be able to read.
  • Online articles, newspapers and magazines are an excellent source of quick reading and to build up new vocabulary.
  • What is important is to read from a variety of sources to expose yourself to new set of words, as well as understand their contextual meanings.
  • Make sure you read at least 2 articles a day.

Making Notes:

Reading articles may be accomplished. You make even go further and look up the unknown words on Google. But how many time do you remember and use the word in the future? We can safely say that people remember better when they write down things. It’s the same with words.

  • Keep a Slip Pad or a Notebook, which can be carried with you always.
  • Note down words and their meanings – if you can, whenever possible.
  • Then, you may read and flip through the pages to familiarize yourself with the words.
  • This practice gives you an individualistic collection of new words, which can also be revised very easily.

Learn the origin of the words:

This is quite a lasting way to remember the words.

  • A lot of words have positive or negative hints to it, which is indicated by its prefix or suffix.
  • Knowing the origin of the words also helps you comprehend any such similar words that you may find.

Link the words with mnemonics:

  • A mnemonic can be understood as the study of systems for improving and aiding the memory of an individual. This process can be used in learning words.
  • Think of an image that represents the word. Then associate a person that you know with that word.
  • Repeat this in your head several times till it becomes a habit to associate that word with that person and image.
  • Simply put, this is a form of word association.


  • This is basic and understood by everyone, but still not stressed upon enough.
  • All the above methods must be practiced, time and again.
  • There is little point in indulging in any other exercise, without practicing.
  • Learn the word and practice them.
  • Doing little time based tests to test your speed and accuracy.

That’s all folks! Follow the tips mentioned above regularly and you will definitely see an improvement in your vocabulary!

101 Most Important Vocabulary Words for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Navy & Air Force Exams:

This list of 101 most important vocabulary words is prepared on the basis of repetitive nature of these words in the previous year Defence entrance exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Navy, Air Force etc. So here is the list of previously asked the most frequent words which are very important from the exam point of view:

S.NoWordWord Meaning (hindi)Word Meaning (English)SynonymsAntonyms
1ABSURDबेतुकाWildly Unreasonable, Illogical, Or InappropriateRidiculous, Laughable Reasonable, Sensible
2ACERBICएसिडEspecially Of A Comment Or Style Of Speaking) Sharp And Forthright.Caustic, SharpCalm, kind
3AFFLUENCEसमृद्धिThe State Of Having A Great Deal Of Money; Wealth.Wealth, ProsperityDesprived, Disadvantage
4ALLEVIATEकमMake (Suffering, Deficiency, Or A Problem) Less Severe.Ease, DeadenHarm, Hurt
5AMBIGUOUSअस्पष्टOpen To More Than One Interpretation; Not Having One Obvious MeaningEquivocal, AmbivalentCertain, Determined
6ANXIOUSचिंतितFeeling Or Showing Worry, Nervousness, Or Unease About Something With An Uncertain OutcomeWorried, ConcernedCasual, Incurious
7ASCETICतपस्वीCharacterized By Severe Self-Discipline And Abstention From All Forms Of Indulgence, Typically For Religious ReasonsAustere, AbstinentHoggish, Piggy
8ASSENTअनुमतिThe Expression Of Approval Or Agreement.Accept, ApproveDisagreement, Stubborn
9AUSPICIOUSशुभकConducive To Success; FavourableFavourable, PromisingInauspicious, Hopeless
10AVERSIONघृणाA Strong Dislike Or DisinclinationDisinclination, AbhorrenceLiking, Approve
11CALLOUSकठोरShowing Or Having An Insensitive And Cruel Disregard For OthersUnfeeling, UncaringSensitive, Stay
12CANDIDखराTruthful And StraightforwardFrank, Outspokensecretive, guarded
13COARSEमोटाRough Or Harsh In TextureRough, BristlyRefined, Smoothness
14COLOSSALप्रचंडExtremely Large Or GreatHuge, MassiveLittle, Small
15COMPLACENTआत्मसंतुष्टShowing Smug Or Uncritical Satisfaction With Oneself Or One'S AchievementsSmug, Self-satisfiedDicontented, Disapproval
16CONCERNEDचिंतितWorried, Troubled, Or AnxiousWorried, AnxiousInattentive, Unconcerned
17CONDEMNनिंदा करनाExpress Complete Disapproval Of; CensureCastigate, CensureApplaud, Praise
18CONFIDENTविश्वासFeeling Or Showing Confidence In Oneself Or One'S Abilities Or QualitiesAssured, PositiveDiffidence, Uncharged
19COPIOUSप्रचुरAbundant In Supply Or Quantity.Abundant, AmpleScarce, Colorless
20CORROBORATEDमंडितConfirm Or Give Support To (A Statement, Theory, Or Finding)Confirm, VerifyNegate, Invalidate
21COUNTERFEITनकलीMade In Exact Imitation Of Something Valuable With The Intention To Deceive Or DefraudFake, ForgedDeductive, Illogical
22DEFIANCEअवज्ञाOpen Resistance; Bold DisobedienceOpposition, ConfrontationSubordination, Compliance
23DEFTचतुरNeatly Skilful And Quick In One'S MovementsAdept, AdroitArtless, Tactless
24DELIGHTप्रसन्नPlease (Someone) GreatlyCharm, EnchantDissimilitude, Unequal
25DETRIMENTALहानिकारकCausing Harm Or InjuryPrejudicious, DamagingHarmless, Constructive
26DILIGENTमेहनतीQuietly And Steadily Presevering Especially In Detail Or ExactnessPersevering, PatientImpatient, Unoccupied
27DISDAINFULहेयExpressing Extreme ContemptInsulting, ScornfulLowborn, Unsarcastic
28DOLEFULमातमीFilled With Or Evoking SadnessSad, MournfulGlad, Joyful
29DUBIOUSसंदिग्धFraught With Uncertainity Or DoubtUnsure, DoubtfulSure, Certain
30EFFRONTERYगुस्ताख़ीAudacious (Even Arrogant) Behavior That You Have No Right ToPresumption, Audacitytimidity
31ENGROSSEDतल्लीनGiving Or Marked By Complete Attention ToWrapped, AbsorbedInattentive, Bare
32ENNUIविरक्तिThe Feeling Of Being Bored By Something TediousFatigue, TediumSatisfaction, Refresh
33EPHEMERALअल्पकालिकLasting A Very Short TimePassing, TransientPermanent, Careful
34EQUANIMITYसमभावSteadiness Of Mind Under StressRepose, QuietStand, Sit
35EXEMPLARYउदाहरणात्मकServing To WarnWarning, CautionaryPersuasive, Favorable
36FANATICALकट्टरMarked By Excessive Enthusiasm For A Intense Devotion To A Cause Or IdeaPassionate, RabidPassionless, Unloving
37FORBIDना करेCommand AgainstIllegalise, DebarAllow, Permit
38FRAILदुर्बलPhysically WeakFeeble, SaplessRugged, Strong
39FRUGALमितव्ययीAvoiding WasteEconomical, ScotchWasteful, Inefficient
40GENEROUSउदारWilling To Give And Share UnstintinglyUnselfish, BounteousStingy, Selfish
41HAZARDOUSखतरनाकInvolving Risk And DangerRisky, WildSafe, Secure
42HOSTILEशत्रुतापूर्णCharacterized By Enmity Or Ill WillUnpeaceful, DirtyDefensive, Nonviolent
43HOSTILITYशत्रुताA Hostile DispositionUnfriendliness, Ill willCourtesy, Soothe
44IGNOMINYबदनामीA State Of DishonorHumiliation, DisgraceRepute, Fame
45ILL AT EASEबेचैनSocially UncomfortableUneasy, AwkwardQuiet, Relaxed
46INCREDIBLEअविश्वसनीयBeyond Belief Or UnderstandingMarvelous, CredibilityCredible, Convincing
47INDIGENOUSस्वदेशीOriginating Where It Is FoundAutochthonal, NativeForeign, Epidemic
48INERTअक्रियUnable To Move Or Resist MotionNonmoving, UnmovingMoving, Inactiveness
49INNOCUOUSअहानिकरLacking Intent Or Capacity To InjureInnocent, HarmlessGuilty, Unrighteous
50INSCRUTABLEगूढ़Of An Obscure NatureDeep, CrypticIntelligble, Soluble
51INVECTIVEफटकारAbusive Or Venomous Language Use To Express BlameVitriol, InsultPraise
52KINDLEप्रज्वलित करनाCall ForthInflame, OvertakeBore, Better
53LAUDABLEप्रशंसनीयWorthy Of High PraiseApplaudable, WorthyUnworthy, Evil
54LIKENESSसमानताSimilarity In Appearance Or Character Or Nature Between Persons Or ThingsSimilarity, ReflexionDissimilarity, Unalike
55LUCRATIVEलाभप्रदProducing A Sizeable ProfitRemunerative, ProfitableUnprofitable, Unpaid
56MAMMOTHविशालSo Exceedingly LargeLarge, BigLittle, Small
57MATERIALसामग्रीThe Tangible Substance That Goes Into The Makeup Of A Physical ObjectStuff, FibreConductor, Insulator
58MEAGREअल्पDeficient In Amount Or Quality Or ExtentPaltry, BareSufficient, Maximal
59METICULOUSसूक्ष्मMarked By Extreme Care In Treatment Of DetailsFastidiousInexact, Unfastidious
60MINUTEबहुत छोटाInfinitely Or Immeasurably SmallLittle, SmallLarge, big
61MOMENTOUSसब से अहमOf Very Great SignificanceImportant, SingificanceInsignificant, Unimportant
62MONOTONOUSनीरसTediously Repititious Or Lacking In VarietyDull, HumdrumLively, Bright
63OBSCUREअस्पष्टNot Clearly Understood Or ExpressedUnclear, VagueClear, Unveil
64PARSIMONIOUSकिफ़ायतीExcessively Unwilling To SpendStingy, PenuriousGenerous, Charitable
65PENURIOUSदरिद्रNot Having Enough Money To Pay For NecessitiesPinched, PoorFat, Unconstricted
66PENURYदरिद्रताA State Of Extreme Poverty Or DestitutionPoverty, BeggaryWealth, Sufficiency
67PERPETUALलगातारContinuing Forever Or IndefinitelyUnceasing, LastingShort, Caducous
68PHILANTHROPYलोकोपकारVoluntary Promotion Of Human WelfareAid, Financial aidInactivity, Worsen
69PHLEGMATICसुस्तShowing Little EmotionPhlegmatical, UnemotionalEmotional, Passionate
70PLAUSIBLEप्रशंसनीयApparently Reasonable And ValidSlick, PatImplausible, Incredible
71PREPOSTEROUSनिरर्थकIncongruousFoolish, IdioticWise, Politic
72PROBITYईमानदारीComplete And Confirmed IntegrityIntegrityIncompletness, Broken
73PUERILEबचकानाDisplaying Or Suggesting A Lack Of MaturityAdolescent, JuvenileAdult, Old
74PUNCTILIOUSज़रूरत से ज़्यादा परिशुद्धMarked By Precise Accordance With DetailsMeticulous, PreciseImprecise, Inexact
75RELUCTANTअनिच्छुकUnwillingness To Do Something Contrary To Your CustomUnwilling, LoathWilling, Affirmative
76REPRIMANDEDफटकार भी लगाईAddress A Reprimand Torebuke, admonish, chastisepraise, commend
77REPROACHनिन्दाA Mild Rebuke Or CriticismReproof, BlamePraise, Absolve
78RESTIVEअशांतBeing In A Tense StateTense, OverstrungRelaxed, Easy
79REVELATIONरहस्योद्घाटनAn Enlightneing Or Astonishing DisclosureBrainwave, InsightUninformative, Dissuasive
80RUN DOWNमंद होनाUse Up All One'S Strength And Energy And Stop WorkingFatigue, TireAbstain, Eat out
81SALUBRIOUSस्वास्थ्यप्रदPromoting HealthHealthy, WholesomeUnwellness, Illness
82SCARCITYकमीA Small And Inadequate AmountScarceness, DearthSufficiency, Abundance
83SCURRILOUSमिथ्याExpressing Offensive ReproachAbusive, OffensiveHarmless, Lovable
84SLAPDASHकिसी न किसी तरहDirectlySlap, boltNonrandom, Cautious
85SPORADICछिटपुटRecurring In Scattered And Irregular Or Unpredictable SubstancesStray, DiscontinuousFrequent, Unbroken
86SPURIOUSजालीIntended To DeceiveCounterfeit, ImitativeNatural, Genuine
87STEADFASTदृढ़Marked By Firm Determination Or ResolutionUnbendable, FirmPurposeless, Unstable
88TEMPESTUOUSतूफ़ानीAs If Showing Violent AngerAngry, RagingCalm, Healthy
89THRIFTYमितव्ययीCareful And Diligent In The Use Of ResourcesSaving, SparingImprovident, Wasteful
90THWARTविफलHinder Or Prevent (The Efforts, Plans Or Desires) OfDisappoint, CrossUnfold, Attack
91TIMIDआसानी से डरनेवालाShowing Fear And Lack Of ConfidenceCoy, AfraidBrave, Bold
92TRANSIENTक्षणिकOne Who Stays For Only A Short TimeTraveler, TravellerNonworker, Infinite
93TRIVIALतुच्छSmall And Of Little ImportanceFootling, NigglingImportant, large
94UBIQUITOUSदेशव्यापीBeing Present Everywhere At OnceOmnipresent, PresentAbsent, Absence
95URBANEशहरीShowing A Hard Degree Of Refinement And The Assurance That Comes From Wide Social ExperiencePolished, RefinedNa?ve, Dull
96VARIOUSविभिन्नOf Many Different Kind Purposefully Arranged But Lacking Any UninformityAssorted, DifferentJoint, Mated
97VENERATIONउपासनाReligious ZealBibliolatry, Place WorshipInactivity, Hate
98VERACITYसच्चाईUnwillingness To Tell LiesTruthfulnessMendacity, Untruthfulness
99VIVIDज्वलंतEvoking Lifelike Images Within The MindRealistic, PictorialUnrealistic, Inferior
100VULNERABLEचपेट मेंSusceptible To AttackUnsafe, InsecureProtected, Secure
101WHOLESOMEपौष्टिकConducive To Or Characterstic Of Physical Or Moral Well-BeingHealthy, NutrientUnsound, Frail

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