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Comparison Between RIMC and Sainik Schools

Comparison Between RIMC and Sainik Schools

If we talk about the Comparison between RIMC and Sainik Schools, it is very difficult to compare both the institutions with each other, as the aim behind the establishment of these schools in some or the other way is same, which is to develop and train students mentally & physically to join Indian Armed Forces.

The Rashtriya Indian Military College is a ‘Nursery of Leadership’ for institutions like National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai, and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. The College provides public school education to young boys in the age group of 11 1/2 to 18 years, specially selected through an All India Competitive Examination. RIMC is a dedicated feeder to the National Defence Academy and the Naval Academy, the College aims to send maximum Boys to the NDA/NA. Hence it lays emphasis on complete education and all-round personality development of the cadets. However, if the Cadet is Unable to join the NDA due to rare or unavoidable reason, he attains enough proficiency like those who have gone on to become bureaucrats, lawyers, engineers and journalists,  holding the RIMC Flag aloft in all the avenues they endeavoured in.

Comparison Between RIMC and Sainik Schools

The scheme to establish Sainik Schools originated in order to serve as an ideal residential educational institution for the deserving intelligent sections of the boys & girls hailing from myriad backgrounds.  It enables students to take up an illustrious career as an officer in the Armed Forces of the Nation and other celebrated professions.  Moreover, the high levels of physical, mental and intellectual attainments needed for induction into the Officer Cadre of the Defence Services could not be nurtured in the common schools, mainly because of the lack of exposure for defence services. The training imparted in Sainik Schools influences the students in shaping their social attitudes and meaningful approach to life in general in order to emerge as responsible citizens of India and leaders in different walks of life.


Both RIMC and Sainik Schools select candidates through All India Entrance Examination and prepares boys for the coveted National Defence Academy, Naval Academy and also enable cadets to apply for CME & Technical entry (CTW) and any other schemes from where Cadets can join the Defence Services.

The curriculum of both these schools enables the cadets to explore their potential and realise it to the fullest. The galaxy of alumni who have earned accolades in various fields for their rare achievements stand testimony to the laudable training being imparted in these institutions.

Comparison Between RIMC and Sainik Schools:

No easy comparison can be made for the following reasons:-

  • RIMC and Sainik Schools are incomparable as RIMC is one of its kind which was established in 1922 whereas first five Sainik Schools became functional in 1961 after that 28 Sainik schools came in existence in a phased manner and many more to come in near future. So we cannot compare the performance of one school which is 100 years old with the performance of all 33 Sainik Schools which came into existence at so much difference of time.
  • RIMC allows admission in class 8th whereas Sainik Schools allows in class 6th & 9th only.
  • RIMC admits approx 25 cadets every 6 months whereas Sainik Schools admit around 100 students in a year.
  • Although there is no reservation in the intake of RIMC of any sort, yet there is no denying the fact that in spite of the reservations the intake in Sainik Schools is through a very wide base. Such intake is based purely on a rigorous selection procedure. Once selected, both institutions have the same level playing field.
  • Selection procedures are different. One or two boys per State are admitted in RIMC every six months. Thus, RIMC always gets the best boys in the State. On the other hand, in the case of Sainik Schools, both boys and girls are allowed where 67% of seats are reserved for boys from the State where the school is located. 25% of seats are reserved for defence personnel and ex-servicemen. Out of these quotas, there is reservation @15%, 7.5% and 27%respectively for SCs, STs, and OBCs (Non-creamy layer).
  • RIMC students do not have to appear for the CBSE examination. Class XII examination of RIMC conducted by the Directorate General of Military Training is recognised by CBSE. RIMC follows a semester pattern that allows the student to appear twice in the NDA examination while in school. Students of RIMC get more number of periods for preparation for the NDA. Whereas the cadets of Sainik Schools appear for the Class XII CBSE examination. Their attention is shared between CBSE examination and the NDA examination.
  • The number of cadets appearing for NDA from RIMC and Sainik Schools is entirely different. Every year about 50-60 students from RIMC appear for NDA examination whereas the number of students appearing from Sainik Schools is about 900-1000. As regards holding the students back in the school after Twelfth Exam, it is submitted that after appearing for the CBSE class XII board examination in March the cadets leave the school to prepare and appear for various competitive examinations like AIEEE, PMT, JEE etc. Further, the parents are not inclined to keep their wards in schools after the twelfth examination. Thus, retaining the cadets after schooling is neither practical nor feasible.
  • Scholarship in RIMC is different for every state i.e on the basis of states but in Sainik Schools, scholarship is awarded on the basis of different criteria such as income slab of parents, Defence/state scholarship on the basis of percentage of marks obtained by the cadet. Those cadets selected in Sainik Schools get a refund of full tuition fees paid to the school.
  • The annual fee of RIMC is ₹ 62400 whereas the annual fees of Sainik Schools are around ₹140000.

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